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Marwa's complaint against Toni & Guy



Very bad keratin treatment & hair cut

Complaint against Toni \u0026 Guy

I really dissatisfied with the service I got from Toni&Guy –Town Center Mall –GA branch also the stuff wasn’t professional to handle my issue and there attitude was very bad so if I will rate them as a customer service and keen to keep their customer and how to handle customer’s issue I will put zero I really need my issue get resolved and need to refund my money it’s my right to get my money back if I didn’t get the service I paid $ 340 for doing a hair cut and Keratin treatment and I sware that was the worst hair cut and treatment I ever did in my life .I totally dissatisfied and I will put many bad reviews on sites and facebook and I will try to contact the directors to complain about your stuff Here is my problem and concerns : I have done the Keratin treatment "Coppola" there with "Alyssa" and this should get away the freeze and curl from my hair and to be shiny and more soft with a wavy shape i talked to the specialist there and she saw my hair it was very freezy and curly and she confirmed it will be good for my hair i went to Toni and Guy as this is a well know company and it should be trusted and professional ones however when i washed my hair it is very very bad result it is still freezy and had a lot of curl i paid 250 $ to get my hair well done i need my money back they refused to do a refund as the owner was on a vacation and no one cover him and he is the one taking the financial decisions for sure they are lying his is how the unporfessionals deal to escape if this a big company there should be policy and someone cover the owner on this also the owner isn’t working on the financial issues I think there is a stuff for this too Also Alyessa sorry was very rude she just said I followed all process for doing the treatment it’s not my problem that your hair isn’t good that is exactly the results you should expect as I told you .She was lying When I did my hair she told me if there is anything we can fix it and you can come again to check with you we keep calling and texting her she didn’t answer when we went to the store they said she left a voice message for us she totally lying I didn’t receive any missed calls or voice messages I told her before I came from another state and I am leaving so no time will be for fixing anything I should have the good result once I get my hair done since it’s a professional place I am not paying to do stuff and fix it and waste my time I should probably went to any other hair dresser and pay less When she kept arguing saying many reasons and stupid stuff why it’s not good she said the humidity ,your hair ends is freezy and it depends on everyone hair type so if she not seeing from the beginning it will not work with me why she advised it that’s why she isn’t professional I really dissatisfied with the attitude of the stuff and the money i paid for nothing this is really unfair they just take the money and give me nothing and even treated my very rude as it is my fault I can’t imagine this is a big company and employing this bad stuff and can't handle their issues and keen to keep a good customer service i really need my money back for the keratin and the hair cut i paid 340$ i will put a very bad survey and reviews and will escalate this to high levels as much as i could

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