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William's complaint against Furniture Village

William Bergin


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Complaint against Furniture Village

My elderly mother in law bought two sofa's from Furniture Village, which were delivered in May of 2016, and even paid and extra £195:00 for extra insurance cover . Soon after delivery she became concerned that one of the seats on the three seat settee was dipping and uncomfortable. When she contacted the store they assured her that sometimes they needed time to settle? My mother in law is a widow who lives alone, she is a very petite woman, who has few visitors. Not one to complain she persevered with the seat expecting it to improve. She avoided the seat and used others. However even with minimal use the seat continued to cause problems dipping alarmingly. Eventually with the seat effectively unusable she again contacted the store about a year after delivery, they agreed to send a technician. When the technician arrived he put extra packing in the seat. She was again asked to leave to settle. Within a short time it became apparent that the repair had not worked. She again contacted the store and they again sent out a technician (late summer 2017), he told my mother in law that no further packing would be possible and nothing could be done? I happened to visit my mother in law yesterday and noted the state of the seat. I was shocked by the failure of 'Furniture Village' to deal with a piece of furniture that was so clearly not fit for purpose. I immediately rang the customer service department who informed me that no further action could be taken without payment of a call out fee. They alleged that the fault was the result of wear and tear, and not covered either under normal guarantee, or indeed the extra insurance my mother in law had paid for?? I am currently taking legal advice and will seek redress on behalf of my mother in law, once I have the furniture independently and publically assessed. In the meantime I would encourage everyone to consider carefully any furniture purchase from this company. If the use described above represents 'Fair Wear and Tear' probable she only be looked at and not actually sat on!

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Kelly de | | VERIFIED

Hi, I had excatly the same issue, and i too had to get my own independent report done that stated it was manufacture fault and not wear and tear- I am waiting for my hard copy to send iff to FV- how did you get on did you get it sorted?

Danielle Moran | | VERIFIED

Please can I ask who you used to carry out your independant report?
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