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Mark's complaint against Furniture Village

Mark Whetter


5 Year Warranty but not covered.!!

Complaint against Furniture Village

Word of Advice for anyone wanting to buy a sofa from FURNITURE VILLIAGE at portrack Lane..!!! You buy a sofa from these rip off merchants with a 5 year warranty & extra care cover, yes full cover you may think but yet your not covered from day 1 with the stuffing..!!! We bought 2 new leather sofa’s not cheap either might I add, on delivery we noticed one of the top corners was faulty as the stuffing was rubbish so delivery guys said “oh wait 3 weeks & the contact shop as it will settle down before then but if not call the shop & they’ll sort it out” ok, took his advice & called shop on 3 weeks as still not right, shop told us “nowt to do with us now as we should have called within 14 days for a replacement sofa but we’ll send someone out to repair it as it’s under a 5 year warranty... Guy came out & gave it his best shot, few years later we have the same problem on same corner, so thought I would contact shop again to send repairer out.. I was told it’s not covered under warranty... erm hang on it was before... yes sir but it was done as a good will gesture as it wasn’t included in the warranty... erm hang on, this sofa was 3 weeks old & you now tell me you repaired it as a good will gesture..!!! Unfortunately yes we did sir..!! Ok, trading standards here I come.!! Can everyone please share the life out of this as I don’t want potential customers to getting ripped off by FURNITURE VILLIAGE like we did.!! Thanks for sharing 👍

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