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Hengwah's complaint against Furniture Village

Hengwah Wong


Brought a three piece exdisplay sofa in very good condition, but when deluvery it was damage

Complaint against Furniture Village

We purchased a displayed three pieces leather sofa ( two seater, one seater and a stool ) from Furniture Village Friern Barnet Branch on Monday 18th December 2017,with cost of £1050   We checked carefully before we made payment, it was in good condition without any damage, apart from a corner fabric is lose which they promised to staple it back before delivery. We received the sofa after lunch time on Wednesday 20thDecember 2017, which has both sofas with large damage in foot rest area. We talked to delivery men, and ask them to take it back straight after but they wouldn’t, the reason is they are not responsible for collection, and the shop was closed until boxing day. We took pictures and sent them to salesman Andrew who served us in the shop, he replied “it’s clearance sold as seen”. We were very surprised as we were still thinking it was an accident, not been treated intentionally. I called Andrew after I saw his message as I cant believe what was happening. I told him we are completely sure it’s not the one we saw in the shop and having full refund. He said it’s cheap because it’s damaged. He could come to repair only if I write a cheque to a charity which title I couldn’t remembered. I was completely lost, and just asking refund. There were men’s laughing in the background when I requested full refund, then I realized his phone speaker was on. Andrew hang up the phone and called me back minutes later offer us a repair from another company which it’s not relative with Furniture Village who can come two weeks later. Andrew told me we don’t need pay any penny and he could do it but we don’t like to do charity which I felt very uncomfortable. I told him we are always pleased to do charity and help people who need support but not in this way. After consideration we thought we been treated unfairly by Furniture Village in the whole process and decided to go to the shop to ask for full refund. We went to the shop on Thursday 21st December 2017, to spoke managers Bradley and David. Both them knew the situation and they are not interested to looked our pictures for the damage. We been told again this is clearance not refundable and we are responsible to check if there is any damage. We also been told as soon as the sofa arrived our house it becomes a second-hand furniture and they wouldn’t take it back, as this is law of UK.     We spoke to the trading standards and they advised us the following:   Under section 75 consumer act 2015 the credit card company are equally reliable   Short term right to reject   Even goods are sold as clearance or sale are subject to be satisfactory and free from faults. I can't believe how a large company can be so dishonest. Even my daughter of 5 years of age notices the different and being like an angle as normal was trying to help her mummy by speaking out the difference she could remember to the managers. But still the managers can be dishonest to a girl 5 years of age. After we left my daughter was very confused, we try to explain she has done nothing wrong and why the world had people like that. Shame on them! Look at the pictures, can any miss those damage areas and like to pay and keep them.

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