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Dave's complaint against Hillarys Blinds

Dave Thompson


Only getting one star because there is no zero star option !

Complaint against Hillarys Blinds

Copy of letter to CEO and so called customer services. “Dear Mr Risman Way back in January we ordered from your company “made to measure” window shutters, as is your want we paid the full amount on order (the reasons for this I’m now beginning to understand !). Your fitter duly arrived and took what I thought were meticulous measurements and gave us a date for fitting, we thought from this we had made the right choice by using Hilary’s Blind’s. How could we be so wrong, his first attempt at fitting resulted in a “lean” of several degrees from upright, we also queried the gapping, his response was he hadn’t noticed the lean and the gapping was standard (unbelievably bad for a professional firm). The net result was he had to remove and refit, now whether this unnerved him, or put him behind schedule I don’t know but the attached pictures show the outcome, ill fitting bits of all shapes, sizes, angles and gaps, not to mention unfilled holes from his previous attempt. We expressed our dissatisfaction and fully expected a call from your customer services, we were disappointed, instead having to chase numerous times on the telephone. Eventually we had a visit from a Manager who totally agreed the workmanship was unacceptable and agreed to replace the frame (a delay of some two months for which compensation was agreed). On leaving he promised to send another fitter to re-measure, that in fact never happened but today the fitter arrived, removed the faulty frame then informed us that the wrong replacement had been ordered, unbelievable when a company such as yours finds itself in this situation surely you do everything to get it right ? Now we have another six to eight week delay while the replacement comes from China ! We today requested that your fitter get your customer service team to contact us, that call has not been received and we are appalled by your company’s lack of concern. We would respectfully suggest that all of your fitting, management and customer service team should take lessons in Customer Service. Finally considering all of the above and taking in to account our considerable inconvenience (people have better things to do than chase the service they have paid well for), what your response is and look forward to hearing from you.” We haven’t heard a word, no manager available, absolutely disgusting.

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