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Jamie's complaint against Nigel O'Hara

Jamie Martin


Ordered a T.V which I have not received, the order has now been cancelled by the company.

Complaint against Nigel O\u0027Hara

On the 25th of October I ordered a £732 T.V from the Nigel O'hara website, this morning I logged onto the website to check the status of the order to find a message saying that due to unforseen circumstances they are unable to fulfil my order and I needed to contact my bank to initiate a chargeback transfer. I have since spoken to my bank (Natwest) who have told me that because they money has already left my account they are apparently unable to carry out this transaction and advised that I go back to the company to see if they could give me a refund directly. Despite Nigel O'hara's autmoated system claiming that they cannot speak wo anyone regarding internet orders after demanding to speak to someone about it I eventually spoke to someone who basically tolf me that the company have gone bust which is why the order cannot be completed and as such the company has no money with which to refund me! I then contacted my bank again and have now had to put a claim in with the visa dispute team, it's going to take a while to get my money back and that's if i get it back at all!

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