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Complaint against John Player \u0026 Sons

I have smoked Gold Leaf tobacco for a long time. Over the past year or two I have noticed the quality of the tobacco has dropped dramatically. I find that 1/3 50g pouches are almost un-smokable! I end up throwing 60-80% of the tobacco in each pack away as it is of such poor quality that it cannot be rolled up without piercing many holes in rizlas. I often question if the tobacco Ive purchased is fake or some dodgy imported stuff but I buy it from the Coop so this cannot be the case. On the odd occasion I get a pack that is ok but the majority of it is literally like wood chippings. Often when the quality in a pack is at its worst, I also find that what I am able to salvage tastes very chemically compared to normal. There is no consistency at all. Im on the verge of swapping brands.

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