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Mrs J's complaint against Atlas Editions

Mrs J Fawcett


RIP OFF !!!!!

Complaint against Atlas Editions

Having ordered the Jaguar car £1.99 on receipt of said item I decided that I did not want the collection,but having set up a direct debit I assumed they would take the money automatically, today I received letter from CCSCOLLECT debt collectors demanding £18.99 for the Jaguar car ??? I rang Atlas Editions and they told me they had sent several reminders, but they are in the written in the junk mail selling the rest of the collection, which I did not read but dropped in the bin. I then said why did they not take the money as I had set up DD, apparently you have to set up a new DD for every collection !!!! Yet nowhere on there website does it say that. My agreement as far as I was concerned was with Atlas not different collectors.

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