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Testing the customer service of Atlas edition : Will give them higher star if they dont send me any

Complaint against Atlas Editions

Hi all, Thanks everyone for posting about Atlas editions. Customer no: 31851104 I ordered a Lancaster bomber dambuster model from atlas edition on 13-09-2016. Somehow I stumbled across all these reviews for Atlas edition. I read how everyone went through hard time with atlas editions. I received my lancaster dambuster model on 29-09-2016. After this I took following steps (and I have taken screen shots for each of the below steps): 1. I changed my subscription to 4 monthly basis so they dont send me one as soon as i receive my first model. 2. As soon as I received my model I paid them through my debit card, so I have proof my payment. 3. I cancelled my future subscription using the online service, and send them an email requesting them to cancel all my future subscription and not to use my account details for any future payment. 4. I also request my bank to block any payment request from atlas editions in future unless I personally authorise. 5. Also I am posting on this public forum so that atlas editions knows that all this step has been taken. because it seems they respond to public forum postings very soon. Speaking of the model itself: it is a very good replica, solid metallic feeling. Make a nice collection on display shelf. It has nice weight and texture to it. nice display stand. The wheels are not that great quality, they are cheap plastic and breaks easily when you try to attach them underneath aircraft. I fixed mine with glue. Overall a good product at a really good price. I hope the customer service is good as well. And I am not harressed by any more models sent to me in the future and demanding payment through CCS agencies. I will increase their star rating if they confirm that all my subscriptions have been cancelled. To atlas edition customer care: I have provided my customer ID above. I once again request on a public forum to cancel my subscription and send no more model or products from any of your collection in future.

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