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nicholas's complaint against Iceland

nicholas dibble


World famous Bistro lamb shanks in a mint and rosemary gravy

Complaint against Iceland

This so called meat product described as a "lamb shank" had no meat at all being composed totally of gristle and bone. This does not surprise me as having been trained as a butcher, I can confidently identify this as a lambs knee which is of course, made up of muscle and sinew with no tender flesh at all. The fore shank and hind shank are taken from above the knee and a "shank" appears below the knee. The piece of lamb presented to me is actually the knee itself. The photograph displayed on the packaging does provide an image of a lower shank which probably would have provided something which could have been eaten but the product you have provided most definitely cannot. Having followed the cooking instructions from frozen to the letter, I would say that there is no possibility whatsoever that this piece of meat, under any cooking conditions, could make this part of a lambs anatomy into something which could be consumed. I am extremely disappointed that my evening meal has been forfeited and appalled that this product has been made available for sale and, to avoid further protests from customers, would urge you most strongly to remove it from your retail outlets. I also ask at the very least, that you should refund my purchase at £5.99. I trust that this can be achieved and hope to hear from you in this respect as soon as possible. Thank you, N G Dibble

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