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Satisfied as my first purchase with Diya Online

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Ordered 2 suits for my mums birthday. Arrived on time at the pick up location. DPD was excellent as a delivery service. However 1 issue I did have was Diya's customer service. They provided me with login details that didnt work when I put them in. I also had some account issues and emailed Diya Help Line however they have not responded and its been 5 days. Back to the positive, once I arrived home, me and my sister opened the suits and were satisfied with the quality. The suits didnt have loose threads and had appropriate lining too. The suits are absolutely gorgeous im considering buying a suit myself! But it all depends when my mum opens the suits I guess, after all, she can judge quality better than me so I probably will come and edit my review to update the response but overall I am pleased with my first purchase with Diya. :)))))

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