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Joanne's complaint against French Rococo Furniture

Joanne Barned



Complaint against French Rococo Furniture

Cameron off French Rococo Furniture is a fraudster. He takes your money and fails to deliver the goods. I placed an order with him at the beginning of July and he just ignores me messages, blocks me on his social media and it's impossible to get through on the phone. Beware people do Not order from this company!!

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yasmin ali | | VERIFIED

please can everyone send your story into watchdog

yasmin ali | | VERIFIED

please can everyone send your story into watchdog we are more likely for this fraudster to get caught if it is on tv. I paid mine through balance transfer so the bank is unbale to help me.


Please join my new Facebook group - it is for victims of french rococo to write their horror stories and seek advice from people in the same boat as you. We need this company named, shamed and shut down! x

tom smith | | VERIFIED

it looks like A company called raphael home has bought your product on the cheap from french rococo furniture ltd. Raphael have bought my order and all the other ripped off customers orders cheap that belong to french rococo furniture ltd to make a profit. i dont know if both companies are linked or not, seems dodgy! Please see Raphaels Facebook because they are listing the orders i and others have already paid for!

Joanne Barned | | VERIFIED

Thanks for the heads up Tom Smith

Louise | | VERIFIED

Hi there. We have done the same. Ordered from Raphael Home in July and nothing has come and little communications. They say it 'will be here in Jan', but no response. Can you tell us if your bed ever came or you got your money back?
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