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Julie's complaint against French Rococo Furniture

Julie mallett


Ripped off

Complaint against French Rococo Furniture

Placed an order for bedpoke furniture paid 50% deposit over £500 told order would take 16 weeks no contact from the company so emailed and emailed but no reply tried ringing but phone but it's like they just took it off the hook getting s feeling I'm not getting my furniture at all so as they are in breach of contract want my money back I have already told them I will be going to trading standards they seem to be a company that likes to pretend and obtain people's money by deception which is a crime

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French Rococo Furniture failed to resolve this complaint

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tom smith | | VERIFIED

it looks like A company called raphael home has bought your product on the cheap from french rococo furniture ltd. Raphael have bought my order and all the other ripped off customers orders cheap that belong to french rococo furniture ltd to make a profit. i dont know if both companies are linked or not, seems dodgy! Please see Raphaels Facebook because they are listing the orders i and others have already paid for!

Louise | | VERIFIED

Hi there. We have done the same. Ordered from Raphael Home in July and nothing has come and little communications. They say it 'will be here in Jan', but no response. Can you tell us if your bed ever came or you got your money back?

Julie mallett | | VERIFIED

Thanks for letting me know I can't believe a company would be so under hand at taking people's money knowing they are never going to be supplying the goods what a con man Cameron Cummings is to do this to hard working people

Julie mallett | | VERIFIED

Absolutely nothing CAMERON CUMMINGS IS A CON MAN No reply from him at all and another company has now purchased people's orders (Raphael Home ) not sure if this company is connected in any way to Cameron Cummings but from their Facebook page they are selling the stock they have bought on at a reduced price just hope no one else falls into CAMERON CUMMINGS TRAP BEWARE
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