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Sheena's complaint against everything5pounds

Sheena Raimondi-Monroe


Delay in company opening up a claim with courier who apparently delivered my items

Complaint against everything5pounds

Ordered 3 items in December 2018, should have received them a few days before Christmas. I received notification from Royal Mail saying that they 'Delivered' it - no they did not. I've not had much support via email from the company in terms of progressing the 'claim', forever waiting for this form that should have been sent to me, and there was no initial evidence on my account on their website, for my initial complaint. I received upteen emails indicating that my support ticket has been updated...blah blah blah....but I also informed them that the links didn't work! I sent them a screen shot just to prove that, as they were not understanding what I was saying nor did they care. In the end, I raised another complaint ticket, attached some of my original emails back from December, advising of non-delivery and demanding a refund / replacement items, and they advised eventually that an investigation has not even started yet with the Courier as there's some delay at their end?! But surely, the claim should at least be opened at the company's end as it's their accountability and then regularly chase the couriers to find out why they are not doing their jobs AND remember to update their customers?! That's basic common sense for a call centre! So I've had enough of being messed about and at some point will be going down other routes, as I am not the type of customer who 'lets go' and I take customer service very seriously. I will give them a little time but my patience is dwindling. It's such a shame because I have ordered from them previously with no problems! And I really liked the items as they fitted very nicely. Such a shame that when things go wrong, they don't know how to manage the issues effectively and in a timely manner.

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