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Complaint against everything5pounds

I bought some items from everything5pounds at a time we were about to move to a new address but directed my parcel to my original home address of which I had used with them for over years and recorded on their system. Before I had already directed an earlier parcel to this new house we were about to move in because we were travelling 7hrs down South for holidays and to visit the new property. Before we returned back from our holidays and entirely move out of my then home, I received a mail from royal mail that my parcel had been delivered. We got home and I realised there was no parcel left neither at the garage nor with my neighbour and strangely enough there was no delivery note left for me either. I contacted the company right away of which they advised we gave it time with royal mail to investigate because sometimes the parcels would be allocated. I agreed but then contacted my then local royal mail and customer service to report it. To cut the story short, royal mail came to a conclusion the parcel was not retrievable hence lost therefore was going to send me a claims form. Everything 5 pounds advised that upon receipt of the claims form I should take s photo of it and mail it to them for a refund. I did exactly that and it went from they telling me they had to start their own investigation too first. I patiently agreed and cooperated with them, I always called to follow up patiently and it was one tale of assurance after the other. They then agreed to send me a from called P91 of which they advised to sign and upon receipt and send it back to them for a refund. Since August till date has been one lie after the other. I have still not received this form to be refunded back my lost parcel. Anytime I call to follow up, they tell me lies just to get me off the phone....Anyone who picks up would say they wondered why I hadn't received the P91 and promised they were sending another one through straight away but it never reaches me. What baffles me is that every other thing they address to me which is not in relation to my refund gets to me but only the form to get my refund for the missing goods never get to me, what a strange coincidence. I have been following and chasing this issue up from August 2nd August and it has been one frustrating ordeal. Just when I thought it was all almost over after another assurance, I called again to ask why the delay after another promise only for this guy to come on the phone and tell me my case has been closed because I sent my parcel to a wrong address and they're not liable for goods sent to wrong address. Really? Wrong address? When was my address a wrong one. They took advantage of my situation... They took advantage of the fact that I moved from my address while the case of ongoing and one of their colleagues had the indecency to tell me that well, I should have waited to move entirely out of my home and found myself before placing an order with them. I feel I have not been treated well at all, with such disrespect and waste of my time by by giving me blunt assurances a far back from August. I still call them for my money which I am yet to receive. Can anyone take up my issue and help me get my money back please. This behavior towards me and any other customer is unacceptable.

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