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janet's complaint against Ideal World

janet sproat


appalling customer service, no replies to emails letters

Complaint against Ideal World

My debit card details were stolen at the same time my last flexi pmt was due to ideal world I had already paid the 1st two instalments. Hence their final pmt was rejected by my card issuer as a block had been put on my card. I rang customer services wrote to them e mailed them several times to explain what had happened. I was advised by my bank not to give my new card details out over the phone as that's was how my original debit card was used fraudulently. I asked them if I could by my final pmt £34.99 by either cheque, baccs or send me an invoice or take the money from my new card details which I had updated on my ideal world account. I have had no response so the matter has just esca;lated and I now have admin fees added, have been referred to a debt collection company and my balance is now £81.64 I have e mailed several times and sent 3 letters, and have had no response to why I cant pay by an alternative method... I'm not happy with their total disregard and empathy with the customer they are just not interested in solving problems at all. Their customer service is a premium rate line somewhere in India and to be honest it can be difficult to undertand them and some are downright rude. I understand that rules procedures regulations are in place, but my case was not because I didn't have the funds it was because my debitcard bank details were compromised, yet they still applied every month for their payment despite me saying that those details could not be used anymore. total waste of time they are as a company. will never use again. They have now caused me to have a bad credit score and have referred me to debt collection people they hjad no interest in sorting out an alternative way of paying my final instalment.

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