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Mary's complaint against Ideal World

Mary McCammon


Non delivery of ordered goods

Complaint against Ideal World

I ordered 2 chairs from ideal world tv on 29th September 2017. I ordered online while watching the programme on free view channel 22. My order was accepted and I paid by PayPal. I was informed by email that my chairs had been despatched on 2.10.2017, minutes later another email stated that 1 chair had been cancelled and a refund given. I checked PayPal and indeed a refund had been given. I still expected that 1 chair was on its way but today on 3.10.2017 I was informed that the other order had been cancelled and I would receive a refund. When I checked PayPal I had been refunded my payment minus £25. I phoned them and got through to an Asian call centre. They told me that the supplier would not deliver to Scotland and had cancelled the orders. I asked them why I had been underpaid by £25 and they insisted this was not the case and the phone was put down on me. I phoned back and insisted that I be refunded in full and they said someone would phone me back. Eventually the third person I spoke to said I would receive a goodwill payment of £25 and I pointed out it was not a goodwill payment but actually my money. No mention was made of the costs I have incurred phoning these people or the fact that the shopping channel concerned did not mention the non delivery system to Scotland. I am sure that I am not the only person with this same problem and that the TV channel in future should mention delivery conditions.

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