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Josephine's complaint against Lovely Flora World

Josephine Tomlinson Snowden


[RESPONDED] Already dead flowers

Complaint against Lovely Flora World

I ordered two lots of flowers for some friends who had helped me out when I had to go into hospital. My budget isn't the greatest however I came across lovely flora world and thought these looked nice and reasonable. I ordered the flowers on the morning 15/4/2017 now it did actually give me the option of them being delivered te bank holiday Monday. They weren't delivered on this date as I read the information that said they don't deliver on bank holidays. My friends received the flowers yesterday 19/04/2017 The flowers are floppy and some alread dead. Not the price you pay for a days worth of flowers. I am not happy with this service and would like a complete refund. It's pretty embarrassing and a total waste of money!

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Joanna K | | VERIFIED

Dear Josephine, We are very sorry to hear that, please get in touch by email and please send us some pictures of the flowers, and we will come back with the solution. Kind Regards, Lovely Flora World

Josephine Tomlinson Snowden | | VERIFIED

I have already sent you an email but heard nothing back. I also sent an email regarding when the flowers would be sent and again heard nothing back! I wish to continue contact through aspokemansaid due to the lack of customer service I received on your website.

Joanna K | | VERIFIED

Dear Josephine, Please note that we haven't received pictures from you , however we would like to offer a replacement for both oders. Kind Regards, Lovely Flora World

Josephine Tomlinson Snowden | | VERIFIED

I have definitely sent them with the first complaint I sent you! I want a full refund as I don't want the embarrassment of my friends receiving a bouquet of limp nearly dead flowers again
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