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Lisa's complaint against Lovely Flora World

Lisa roe


[LAPSED] Flowers did not turn up

Complaint against Lovely Flora World

Hi Order number 136536. I ordered flowers on the website for my bosses last day as I am on maternity leave. I selected the date as it said and let it go through and all the order went through. The flowers never turned up, contacted customer service and they said I missed the cut off time but nothing is stated on the website and it let me go through. I wasn't happy but accepted they would turn up the next day but I thought I would have to get my husband to collect (even though it's miles) and take them to her house, I was promised this again they didn't show. Contacted customer service again and they were no help. They just said they would turn up basically. 4 days later they turned up dead. Complained again and eventually got a response to say if I returned them I could get a refund, so I could have half my phone back, well my work through them straight out I couldn't get a box to send back. This is a stupid policy if you are sending them to someone, the person who is already disappointed in receiving dead flowers them has to send them back and a total waste of money for the company too. I ordered the 29th June and still trying to get help, still no refund. No one even reponse to my emails now. I am on maternity leave and can't afford to loose money like this I had to pay again to get a proper bunch delivered. After all this fuss I deserve a free bunch of flowers I'm disgusted in the service provided and never ever recieved anything like this. But I don't want this I just want my FULL refund!! Kind regards Lisa roe

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Lapsed. Lisa has not responded in 90 days

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Joanna K | | VERIFIED

Dear Lisa, In line with our policy we reqeust that the bouquet is sent back to us in order for you to receive a full refund. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kind regards, Lovely Flora World

Lisa roe | | VERIFIED

But I wasn't told this when it was one day or 2 days late or even 3 or 4 days late.I was told a few days after that when they had been in the bin for days.I never had the choice to send back.I'm not there. They sent to a company's loading bay & opened & thrown as no good.They then told me. It's a stupid policy & you need to tell people these policies, oh yeah you do after 5 or more previous emails

Lisa roe | | VERIFIED

And your reply came 3 days after they were binned I could never find them even if I wanted. I have been sending emails since June 30th and they mostly get ignored, why is this. Is this a way to run a business?? Why should I have to come on this site to complain instead. Convienent someone actually replied to me email today. I want a full refund please!!

Lisa roe | | VERIFIED

Still awaiting a response. I want my FULL REFUND!!

Joanna K | | VERIFIED

Dear Lisa, Your refund has now been processed. Please allow up to 3 working days for the amount to reach your account. Our apologies for the delay. Kind regards, Lovely Flora World.
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