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Tabitha's complaint against Lovely Flora World

Tabitha Lee-Stephens


Purchased a boiquet of 12 pink roses, received 11 extremely poor condition dying roses

Complaint against Lovely Flora World

I purchased a bouquet of 12 pink roses for my mum for Mother’s Day and they arrived in an extremely terrible condition. To start with, there were 11 roses there, not 12. The “12th rose” was simply a snapped rose stem which had clearly been sent in that condition (rather than damaged in transit) because the snapped bit had completely healed over. The remainder of the roses looked very wilted, as if they had been sitting in a box without water for several days. Most of the roses were very wilted with petals hanging off, and 1 was in such poor condition that it was completely bent over! I was so embarrassed to give these flowers to my mum for Mother’s Day, but took them out of the box and popped them straight in to a vase of water anyway in the hopes of saving them! Luckily we had some Rose flower food at home, because there was not any supplied with the bouquet - even though the website states that all bouquets are sent with flower food! Sadly, the water and flower food didn’t do much to help as the flowers were already dying, and they didnt even survive for 2 days! I have contacted Lovely Flora World via their online contact form, and have sent 2 emails, and am yet to receive a reply.

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