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Livvy's complaint against Lovely Flora World

Livvy Dunn


Still not received the order.

Complaint against Lovely Flora World

It's Tuesday the 8th March, and i ordered a bouquet of flowers for my mother on Friday 4th March, obviously for Mothers Day. I understand that it's peak time so all companies are busy, but the flowers still haven't arrived. I bought them for her as she was alone on mothers day, me and my brother couldn't see her so we wanted to send her flowers. Surprised to hear she didn't receive the flowers Saturday, the requested date, but after reviewing the website I assumed they'd arrive yesterday, surprise surprise no flowers. For them to STILL not be delivered is appalling. There has been more than enough time for them to get to her. They have no contact number so i can't even speak to someone directly, and i highly doubt i'll even receive a reply to the email i sent them. After typing in the company name onto google, it's unfortunately obvious that i'm not the only person that's faced a poor service from them. I'm extremely disappointed to have wasted my money, as when (if they even do) arrive, the occasion has passed and it's not the same. I've requested a refund, but i highly doubt i'll even get a reply to my email, let alone a refund.

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Livvy Dunn | | VERIFIED

9 Days after the requested delivery date my mum finally received her flowers, luckily they were in good condition and the lilies were still closed. Still extremely unhappy with the length of time it took them to deliver.
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