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George's complaint against Lovely Flora World

George Westcott


The level of care

Complaint against Lovely Flora World

The following is what I sent the the company today and haveing seen all the online post I thought it would be wise to inform you guys Okay so I requested for the date to be changed in my account and it’s been over 48 hours and had no response not to mention the flowers were infact delivered with only 21 in there and 3 shoved and broken down the middle and adding to this rather poor quality of care the box they came in was also bashed up, a few flowers were dead and no flower food was provided. The care put into aragnging them is diabolical and quite honestly im appaled at the level of service. Also I originally put on the purchase I wanted it sent 17 April 2017 however the order was placed before 10am on the 16th April 2018 and going by your response time you state and I quote “ orders placed before 5pm Monday to Friday can be sent same day for delivery next day” there for why have they shown up on the 18th of April 2018 being 2 days later? Also why in the card did you have written before he message I asked for “card message” what even is the point or need for such a stupid input of pointless print on a sticker that was stuck on lob sided with no car involved at all. Weather I get a reply or not I won’t hold my breath even though your terms do say you reply within 48 hours but anyway I will not be using you again and making it quite clear if no response given that your compleat is diabolical and not trustworthy for customer concerns and or level of service in general. Picture evidence can be provided if need be I’m more then willing to prove the diabolical presentation my mrs has to open

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