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Nishu's complaint against Toys "R" Us

Nishu Arora


Under Administration translates to a license for ripping off customers.

Complaint against Toys \"R\" Us

I and my family were recently ripped off by Toys-r-us, the toy retailer which was recently put under administration. What happened? On 24th March 2018, I and my family visited the toys r us branch near Brent cross at Tilling Rd, London NW2 1LW. After we were done selecting the toys based on the discount offers available, we went to pay for the toys. As soon as we paid for the toys, my wife reviewed the receipt and saw that the some of the discounts weren't applied as advertised. We spoke with an employee, and explained the situation. The employee, initially didn't agree and said that the toys on which the offer was listed were different than what we selected. My wife, then went to the aisles and clicked photos of the toys and the offers and showed them to the employee. The employee asked one of her colleagues to accompany my wife and cross-check. They returned a few minutes later and the other employee confirmed that the toys that we got should be as per the advertised price, and the billing seems to have the incorrect discount. The first employee then explained the matter to the manager at the store. After having a chat, the manager approached us and explained that it doesn't matter what the discount at the aisle was listed. The prices that the "system" had was the final price and he can't change that. My wife then showed him the photos, and he sounded like a broken record, saying the same thing again. We asked him to apply the correct discounts and return the excess amount that was charged. The amount wasn't much but we asked him to do the right thing. He refused and once again played his broken record. At that moment, we asked him to take the toys back and return our money. But the manager refused and showed us a placard that read, no refunds and no exchange. We explained to him that we only saw the final discounts on the receipt, which we got after making the payment and not before. Had we been made aware of the discounts that were being applied, we would not have proceeded with the purchase. He didn't budge from his stance, and started getting disrespectful towards us. He mocked us it's only a small amount. I told him it’s my hard-earned money and I don't like to see it going in the drain. I would rather donate that amount to a charity. But to no avail! We asked him to at least write down on a piece of paper, the reason why he is refusing to refund. And he only wrote 2 lines on the receipt and returned that to us. "No Fault, refund refused." He took advantage of the fact that Toys-r-us is going into administration, and he knew that our complaining is useless. I didn’t want to create commotion there as my 5 year old son was with us, and decided to walk away. Should our complaints be really useless against companies under administration? If he ripped us off, they must be doing that to thousands of other customers who, didn't notice the discounts on the receipts. Shouldn't the practices of such retailers be looked into? I don't want my money back, but I want that these retailers should be taken to cleaners and be made to pay for ripping off the customers.

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