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M's complaint against Prizehook

M Cauchi


[LAPSED] Prizehook taking money for opening texts to get the stop code.

Complaint against Prizehook

Further to my last. PrizeHook takes £4.50 per week as a subscription. I have now discovered they have taken £36 off me. To stop them text 60077. I have also found out they text you an activation code which is apparently required before the subscription starts. I definitely did not use an activation code but they started charging me and say that I used an activation code. Tesco are aware that this company use their site to catch people but apparently are having difficulty in stopping them. They should try harder. I am now trying prizehooks claims dept - [email protected]

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Lapsed. M has not responded in 90 days

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[User Deleted] | | VERIFIED

Hi, you can try their automated service but you will never speak to a actual person! Ring your provider i.e EE and ask to be put through to technical support to barr all high premuim numbers ( it does mean tou wont be able to enter any compitions) also if you have a short code no. (I.e -60077, if not, research on internet for argos no.) For them you can ban any furture text from this no.

[User Deleted] | | VERIFIED

Telephone numbers for automated service prizehook - 0330 1340 183 Or parent company imi mobile 0333 003 0581 Good luck hope that helps

Danielle Martin | | VERIFIED

Hi, I believe I have responded to another post that you have on here, hopefully this addresses any queries that you have. Please also be advised that the comment from another user informing you that IMI are our parent company is not correct. PrizeHook is a brand of SPTwo Ltd, which does not have a parent company. Danielle, Customer Services Manager.
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