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pauline's complaint against Prizehook

pauline preston


[LAPSED] Conned

Complaint against Prizehook

I was on Tesco website and thought it was answering a questionnaire but turns out it was nothing to do with Tesco. When I realised this I didn't go any further and thought it would be ok but they can just put a charge on your phone bill. This needs to be addressed with the phone companies who should text for confirmation that you are happy with the charge before charging you. Also many people have been caught by this so it is not clear what is happening before they realise they've been conned. When I spoke to them they said I should have read terms and I wouldn't be getting my money back.

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Lapsed. pauline has not responded in 90 days

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Danielle Martin | | VERIFIED

Dear Ms Preston, we don't advertise any of our services on the Tesco website and all of our promotions do clearly state that the competition is our own, not endorsed by any of the featured brands. You are also required to confirm your entry before you can be charged. If you need any additional clarification on this, you are welcome to get in touch via [email protected] Danielle, PrizeHook
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