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Jane's complaint against Prizehook

Jane Stichbury


Each week a charge of £3.75 via a text which has not been requested.

Complaint against Prizehook

I have been very surprised by a substantial rise in my phone bill over last three months bills. It seemed I had been calling a premium number although I knew I had not. Eventually I discovered the charges were from a weekly text I received from prize hook. I did not realise the significance of these texts and had just deleted them each time, not realising that I had been charged £3.75 each week for a single text. I have never subscribed to these texts and realise now that this charge has been made over a period of 10 weeks, thus costing me around £50.00. I am at a loss as to what I can do. I realise now through reading accounts from others that although one can apparently STOP these texts, it doesn't necessarily work and even if I could stop them I have lost a great deal of money. Please help if you can!

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Prizehook failed to resolve this complaint

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Danielle Martin | | VERIFIED

Dear Ms Stichbury, you can only be billed if your mobile phone has interacted with one of our services. You can also stop this subcription by sending stop from your phone to the number you are receiving messages from, or on our automated telephone service. If you would like us to look into this for you, please get in touch via [email protected] or call 03301340183. PrizeHook Customer Services

Jane Stichbury | | VERIFIED

I have sent a message via email to which I have had an automated reply. I will apparently be contacted in 2 working days. In the meantime, I have read the numerous complaints, all with very similar accounts. We need to get together in order to get justice.

Jane Stichbury | | VERIFIED

I have been contacted by prize hook with many fatalism of how I am supposed to have ended up in this position, all of which are not open to confirmation. I have been assured that the rtexts will stop. They are also suggesting I have received only 3 texts but I know the number is much greater. This is very unsatisfactory so I will continue the fight for reimbursement of monies.

Jane Stichbury | | VERIFIED

This matter is NOT resolved

Jane Stichbury | | VERIFIED

Judging by the number of other complaints I would summarise that this company is deliberately extracting money by charging for unsolicited text messages . I am surprised that they are able to continue with this practice- the complaints are continuing to appear on your site, for the most part unresolved. It is a clever scheme on their part as the amounts concerned are not great enough for individuals to take legal action, (mine was in excess of £50.00) But the numbers of people duped is huge.
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