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paul's complaint against Prizehook

paul reeve


[RESOLVED] - Ripped off for £4.50 on a Tesco site by Prizehook

Complaint against Prizehook

Last Saturday, I went onto a Tesco site ( which I thought was Tesco ) to look for some xmas presents for My Grandchildren. I was met on the site by a prize draw, it asked Me if I shop at Tesco, anyway, to cut a long story short it said you qualify for our prize draw. there was No mention of a charge. It asked for My Mobil Number which I entered and next thing I knew was I started getting texts' one of which said they had taken £4.50 and was going to do it every week. I could not text stop because they had taken My buffer. I have been in touch with them for a refund, but so far this has not been resolved. Dick Turpin years ago robbed people, but you knew you were going to be robbed, these people DO NOT WARN YOU !!!! Its to late before you know. Tesco have No Knowledge of these people. Be careful !!!!!

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Prizehook resolved this complaint

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Danielle Martin | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Reeve, all of our approved advertisements do feature clear and prominent information explaining our weekly subscription fee before entering, and we have multiple methods of unsubscribing yourself, rather than just sending STOP. If you would like our help, please get in touch with Customer Services via [email protected] or 03301340183.

paul reeve | | VERIFIED

yes I got My money back after saying I would give the story to Watchdog !!!
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