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peter's complaint against Prizehook



Scammed by crooks

Complaint against Prizehook

Somehow I have been signed into a competition which texts me about winning a prize I delete it as I know nothing is free however I received phone statement which showed £24 more than normal monthly usage on for 2 months in a row and decided to ring o2 who looked into the account and was able to see where the charge was from and it was clear from what they told me this is a regular complaint and even gave me a number to ring to cancel but so far I cant get through. I am retired relying on my pension and so far prize hook have taken 6 months of the cost of my monthly phone rental (£8 p month) I only use the phone for emergency and will now have to cancel it. I would love to know if prize hook staff have any feeling of guilt for what they do?

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Prizehook failed to resolve this complaint

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peter | | VERIFIED

Having received standard response from prize hook and tried to get a refund for the money they are unable to tell me where it was agreed to join competition I have given up. Prize hook is a great name for the company or a better one would be Captain Hook as he was a pirate and thief also. Complaint not resolved and another person/ pensioner with not money to waste loses £48

Danielle Martin | | VERIFIED

Dear Peter, we're sorry to hear you did not have a good experience with our service. you can only be charged by us if you have entered one of our services on the mobile phone in question, but if you'd like us to look into this further then you can get in touch via [email protected] or 03301340183. Kind regards, Danielle. Customer Services Manager for PrizeHook

peter | | VERIFIED

Dont take any offers that have Prize Hook in the small print Think captain Hook once you are hooked you cant get out
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