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Joanne's complaint against Prizehook

Joanne Regan


[LAPSED] Sending Free messages that are not free :(

Complaint against Prizehook

I have been charged for 3 text messages from Prizehook. I do not know why I got one in the first place but the first one said Freemsg, although I was charged £3.75!!! I received a second text and replied stop. I then got a third message confirming stop which was also a freemsg but I was charged £3.75. £11.25 in total. Since this I have received another text which I am sure I will be charged a further £3.75. Can I have my money back and can you explain how you managed to con me into this.

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Lapsed. Joanne has not responded in 90 days

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Danielle Martin | | VERIFIED

Hi Ms Regan. Any messages you are receiving from us can only be sent to you as a result of interaction with one of our services, however any free messages from us contain information about the service and are not charged to you. So that we can help you further, please get in touch on 03301340183 or by emailing [email protected] Danielle, Customer Services Manager for PrizeHook

Joanne Regan | | VERIFIED

I have spoken to O2 and they are telling me that the two messages that were free have been charged. I really am unaware of how I managed to interact with one of your services.

Danielle Martin | | VERIFIED

Hi Ms Regan, O2 cannot see the free messages on the bill, they will only see the charged messages and you will have received a combination of charges and free messages. As mentioned above, if you would like us to look into this and respond in full then we'll need you to get in touch with Customer Services. Kind regards, Danielle, Customer Services Manager for PrizeHook
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