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Daniel's complaint against Polaroid

Daniel Da Costa


Polaroid G55 Dash Cam

Complaint against Polaroid

Warning this is cheap quality dash cam that will only last a week or two. If you are buying this for peace of mind when driving, then look elsewhere. You can overlook the add-ons that do not work but when the camera goes after a week and you are viewing funny colors across the screen, just take it back for a refund. The Polaroid staff are very friendly and try to help but can only sympathize. At the end, there is a reason why Polaroid went from being a top quality name brand in the 80s to just a name that brings back memories, the quality is just bad. For peace of mind get a dash cam that you can depend on, as at the moment I have more confidence on a bobble head doll as a witness than this piece of junk Regards.

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