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v's complaint against IKEA

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Ikea kitchen nightmare

Complaint against IKEA

The kitchen delivery which had been specifically arranged to coincide with our holiday (25th September) was cancelled. No-one contacted me to tell me this- I contacted Ikea for a time slot as they hadn’t contacted me to arrange, only to be told it had been mysteriously cancelled. I told Ikea man 1 this was unacceptable, and he rang back 6 hours later to say they had hand picked all but 5 items and would deliver them that afternoon. He assured me that all remaining items would be delivered on time for the installation. The rest of the delivery was scheduled for the first day of fitting (11th October)- it had been due on the Monday, but I asked for this to be changed to the fitting day as we were still on holiday on the Monday and this guaranteed someone would be in. On the morning of kitchen installation, the fitters arrived to rip out the kitchen. I asked them 3 things: to move the fridge/freezer to the dining area when it needed to come out and plug it back in as our new one hadn’t arrived: to not use our new decking as a work area, and to be aware that we didn’t have a spare key, so if they did need to come and go, could they leave it under the brick at the side of the house. The fitter said yes all fine, and I left for work. I had asked when the kitchen would be finished, and he said Friday (13th). At 11am, I got a text from Ikea advising me that my delivery had been scheduled for almost 3 weeks’ time. Meanwhile, I had no more kitchen, and would be left without a sink, a fridge freezer, worktops, a hob or an oven for 3 weeks in this case. I rang Ikea, where a man would not confirm that I would be left without a kitchen- which I thought meant they would fit a temporary worktop, sink etc- but no, it just meant that he would not confirm the situation- instead accusing me of “twisting his words” as we would not be left without a sink...except, we had no sink! So, having been advised no manager would tell me anything different and I couldn’t speak to them anyway, I advised him I was on my way to the Birstall store to resolve the situation. I left work, where I contract on a daily rate, and drove to Birstall where I was helped by two team members- Melissa from kitchens and Kyle the Duty Manager- both were great. They spoke to the installations team, and sorted out what items were missing- tracked them all down and arranged for delivery on the 12th of October (the next day) except the sink, which was out of stock everywhere except Warrington. After an hour of organisation, and two calls to confirm Warrington would keep the one remaining sink they had back for me, I drove to Warrington happy in the thought that we had avoided a major disaster, albeit with me forfeiting a days contract rate, £40 in petrol and 4 hours of my time. When I arrived in Warrington and was waiting for my sink, I got a call from the fitter. He had replaced a cartridge in a socket and now the meter was reading that there was no electricity to the house- did I have any ideas? No, not really- what with not being an electrician, and being hours away. He seemed to think this was quite amusing, actually- and I had to repeat several times that I had no idea what he was even talking about, but did this mean there would be no electricity in my house overnight, as we would need to be put up in a hotel. He couldn’t tell me- just kept talking at me. I advised that my phone battery was at 3%, I didn’t know where I was in Warrington and needed my phone to get home, and that I would have to ring my boyfriend to also leave work early for the day and come home to deal with the situation. Daniel arrived home early, and dealt with Northern Power- while the fitters left him to it and went home for the day rather than help. By this point, I had pulled over on the motorway and cancelled my 3 beauty clients for the evening, as we had no power for me to see. This cost me £90 but I couldn’t wait past 4pm to find out if the power would be back on, and risk clients already travelling to me and getting even more annoyed. As I arrived back in Leeds, I got an email from Ikea- confirming the re-delivery, or so I thought. The email actually said we’ve miscalculated- we know you’ve gone to Warrington so the kitchen can be completed on schedule (13th October) but we’re a worktop short so it will be delivered on Saturday, and the fitters will fit in when they can but it could be weeks- there was no point going to Warrington. I emailed back to suggest that they called me as I felt a cursory email after everything I’d just sorted was totally unacceptable. Ikea man 1 called me just as I arrived home, and I was very, very angry. I had just wasted the vast majority of my day, a tank of petrol, and now couldn’t invoice my client. He was waiting to hear when the fitters would be able to finish the kitchen- but while on the phone to him, I wandered over to look at the kitchen- and spotted our gas hob (which we were keeping) thrown outside in the torrential rain. Next to our decking, which had been used as a workbench and was filthy. And then I walked over to the fridge to put dinner away (all whilst on the phone to Ikea man 1) only to find it had been unplugged all day and the freezer had defrosted and leaked everywhere- so out that food went. Ikea man 1 advised me that Ikea woman 1 would call me the next day, and that any issues with the hob caused by this would be sorted by them. I text the fitter to confirm that we were keeping the hob, and the other fitter turned up half an hour later to bring the hob inside- I don’t know why he thought we would leave it out in the rain and just text him to come and lift it inside, but anyway. The next day, only one fitter arrived, and made slow progress. He told me about the few issues they had had, but that they’d had nothing like ours before. I wasn’t sure if this made me feel better- because surely Ikea would fix things, or worse- because why had it gone so wrong for us? I had a two hour gap from work in the afternoon, and as we had no way of cooking, suggested to my boyfriend that we take the dogs out and have a pub lunch. When we returned, the fitter had yet again not listened, and posted the key- so we were locked out. Our spare key was with my friend- on the other side of the city centre. We had to drive for 2 hours in rush hour to collect the key and return- my boyfriend driving, while I ran a conference call for my client without my laptop, the documents I needed, and on an expensive mobile conferencing number. On the Friday, I waited 90 minutes, tried to call Ikea, text the fitter- no-one arrived. I eventually left to go to my (now very annoyed) clients office, unable to bill the first 90 minutes of my day. I eventually had a call from Dean the fitter, to say: we were going to tell you we weren’t coming, but you weren’t in. Right, I said- but you had my phone number, why not tell me? Any problems need to be taken up with Ikea, he said. We called it quits on the call as by this point I was so stressed out over the whole situation, and worried about upsetting my client any more by being on personal calls, that I just bowed out. He then rang me back with a hugely long detailed story of what he had told my boyfriend about why they wouldn’t be turning up that day- a quick turnaround from previously telling us they couldn’t speak to us as we weren’t in. I advised him that we had never been told they weren’t turning up- or why would I waste my time waiting in and trying to contact him and Ikea? Again, I was referred to Ikea with any issues. And so, we had to eat out again- we had to wash up dishes in the bath, and spend money we didn’t have all weekend, on various meals at various restaurants. The kitchen was ripped out when we returned from holiday, and I had ten days of holiday washing to do- which was now delayed another week. Meanwhile, I had been dealing with Ikea woman 1 and Ikea man 1 alternately- and was advised the Ikea woman 2 was the Manager, and she would call me on the Sunday- which never happened. Once the fitting is complete, Ikea woman 1 said, we’ll discuss compensation. She was empathetic, said she felt for us with all the issues, it wasn’t usual for Ikea etc etc. I felt reassured Ikea would help- despite all the issues. Ikea man 1 did deliver an induction hob, which was really appreciated- but you try cooking a proper meal on one hob, in a bedroom, with nowhere to prepare the food or wash dishes properly, which only works with certain pans (so stir fry in an Ikea wok was out). On the Monday, the fitter arrived. I had been assured the kitchen would be finished- today was the day! I had also advised Ikea that at this point, I wasn’t happy to pay anyone anything, until the case was settled. Ikea woman 1 told me I had to pay the fitter when he asked- that was the deal. At 4pm that day, she rang and asked me to check the progress. As I walked downstairs, clearly on the phone, the fitter (Dean) accosted me- “you do know you were supposed to pay me on Friday?” I advised him I was on the phone, and asked how I was supposed to pay him, when he wasn’t there? “Well, not Friday then- before, you know this” I advised him that I had been told I needed to pay the fitter on the day they requested with an invoice, but he hadn’t requested it- “well, after all the issues, it would be like kicking you in the teeth to ask for money” So, I said- instead you are confronting me about not paying an invoice I haven’t received, on a day you weren’t here, which you didn’t want to bring up, while I’m on the phone? “Woah woah, any issues” “TAKE THEM UP WITH IKEA?” I finished. I pointed at my phone and said “literally, what I’m doing”. When I rejoined the call, Ikea woman 1 told me she had heard, and apologised. She also advised me I had to pay him- I tried to refuse again, but she insisted. I advised I would be taking this up with Ikea in that case, if there were any fitting issues. Ok, she said. Monday evening, Dean called me downstairs. The electrics need to be finished, but I promise that will be done tomorrow. So I’ve no fridge or oven still, and I was promised it would be finished that day. He “did me a favour” and plugged the fridge into an extension lead. Very generous. A meal out, again. I asked him to confirm it was JUST the electrics to be done, and that it would all be complete the next day. He confirmed this was the case, I cried, and he left. Tuesday morning- Daniels turn to take time off work. The fitter arrived, and advised Daniel that the gas fitter wasn’t coming til Thursday- a fact he had known since the previous Friday, but neglected to mention when I asked him to confirm it was just electrics. When I spoke to Ikea woman 1 at Ikea, she mentioned that he must have known this since the Friday. Again, still can’t discuss compensation until the fit is finished. At this point, I thought it never would be. When I got home and looked at the state of the fit, I cried. Shelves and carousels hadn’t been fitted- when I text Dean about them, he advised they didn’t fit, and he had ordered shelves. So he had ordered things for me, without speaking to me, and changed my costs and composition of my kitchen. I had also checked everything with Ikeas surveyor, so I knew they would fit. The sealant was botched at best: the plug sockets suspended over holes, doors wonky- I could go on. I’d also put up with a disgusting mess left in my toilet, and mucky boots trawled up and down my beige carpet. My floorboards in the living room have had to be re-varnished because the mess could not be removed- believe me, we’ve tried. The gas fitter arrived, 45 minutes late, asked another workman to move (who had turned up on time) and I had to intervene. They then confirmed that likely due to being dropped or thrown, our gas hob had a leak and was condemned. It was the final straw. I emailed and called Ikea, and eventually they agreed I could choose a hob from the website. But I wanted the hob which matched my oven- and the worktop had already been cut to fit. So they gave me £100 budget to buy a new one, and charge back to them. The hob came the next day- Friday 20th- a week after we were supposed to have a fully finished kitchen, but the fitter couldn’t come until the following Wednesday. Ikea asked us to list the fitting issues and copy in SIS, the fitting company. I’ve yet to have a response from SIS to this email. Brad from SIS wanted to come round and do a home check. I advised that we had our own workmen fixing the issue- by this point, we had personal problems and I couldn’t handle the stress any more, so our plasterer agreed to fix the plastering problems, and our tiler handle the sealant, and so he would have to come asap. Brad came round- Daniels turn to take time off, and did an assessment, said Ikea would have the report the same day. I was told I’d have a response on compensation from Ikea that day- Friday 20th. Then Ikea woman 2 called and said they needed to have a meeting, it would be Monday 23rd. Then she called and said they wanted to do a home visit- but Brad had done one, it was a demand for yet more of my time, I’m still dealing with a big stressful personal problem, I’ve billed my client over £800 less than last month because of all the time out I’ve had, I’ve spent a fortune on meals out, petrol, replacing the frozen food, I could go on. I was having to chase emails Ikea woman 2 said she hadn’t seen, ask if my messages had been received, ask for a timescale on dealing with the complaint- which could never be given. And then I opened my freezer, and the handle pulled off, and I cried again- how could it go on this long only to be breaking already? The gas fitter returned, and fit the hob- it’s messy, at best- but I can cook, and at this point, I’m just so happy not to be forced to eat out. SIS are now texting as their form of communication, advising they will be out to do some repairwork during a workday I have told Ikea 4 times I cannot do- I just cannot take any more time out, neither can Daniel. They are also telling us they are not able to confirm what work they want to do- in my own house! Why can’t I have a list of the work they intend on doing? Having a list from them would actually benefit them- I can tell them what issues have already been fixed, letting them off the hook. Meanwhile, I was having an ongoing battle with Ikea woman 2 over them doing a second home visit. I just do not have time. I asked a series of questions- how long do you need, who will attend, what’s the agenda, what are the days and hours you can come within? And then I would advise- but this was ignored, and I was sent a cursory email offering £200 as a goodwill gesture, and blaming all issues on the fitters- which I had already told Ikea I didn’t agree with- the issues are 50/50 Ikea/SIS fault, and Ikea hired the fitters, so surely they should deal with everything? I have advised Ikea they should be embarrassed by this whole situation. I am currently looking into every available complaints body, legal avenue, and press opportunity to warn others of what happens, and how little Ikea help. I have a spreadsheet of my time costs associated and meals out. I am horrified by the lack of responses, the refusal to read emails properly, and the stress caused by this, at a time where actually we should be really happy with our new kitchen, and able to focus on resolving our personal, stressful, problem. Photos of the work are available. To date, SIS haven’t responded to my complaints.

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