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Andrew's complaint against IKEA

Andrew Symons


IKEA UK cannot deliver online orders

Complaint against IKEA

It seems IKEA UK has decided to use ParcelForce for (small?) online deliveries. I ordered some bedding online, received an estimated date for delivery, followed by a confirmation from ParcelForce that they would deliver on a given date. I stayed in all day. No delivery. After 18:00 I complained to customer services by online chat. All they could say was that I had to call ParcelForce the next day to sort it out. I refused; I said my contract is with IKEA not ParcelForce. The online chat person flat refused to help or to pass me to a supervisor. Via an internet site I found the email address of someone at head office. I complained there and got a reply from a “UK & IE Customer Care Specialist”. She was very sympathetic and said she would look into it. In the meantime, ParcelForce had texted me the day after the supposed delivery day, giving me 30 minutes notice of delivery. I was in a meeting elsewhere and did not even see the message until too late. According to IKEA, ParcelForce made “several other attempts” to deliver, though they never contacted me in advance of any other alleged attempt, neither did they leave me a card. I don’t believe they came at all. In the end, IKEA cancelled my order and refunded the money. They gave me £70 in vouchers, but I don’t have a car, so with no means of delivery I don’t see how I can use them. I will have to find somewhere else to buy my bedding for a continental size (IKEA) bed. Any suggestions?

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