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Lorena's complaint against IKEA

Lorena Laniti


Late delivery / rude customer service

Complaint against IKEA

I made an order at the new IKEA Limassol store on the 3rd of September. I purchased a single mattress for my new room at 109 euros. I was told it would take up to 10 days to be ready to pick up. Over 10 days had passed, and so I decided to call IKEA Nicosia (as Limassol doesn't provide a number yet) and was told they would call me back to update me on my order. A day or two passed, and I got no call. I decided to call again and was told the same thing, that they would call me back but I told them I would rather not do that again because I don't want to wait for a call that may not come. They gave me the number 25080808 which they claim is the Limassol Ikea number. I go ahead and make a call, but no response. I called a couple of times throughout the next few days, but again, had no response. My mum had enough and decided to go to the Limassol IKEA, and they had told her the delivery would take another 4-5 days. 5-6 days have passed and no sign of my mattress. I tried to email IKEA through email as I thought might help, but everytime I try it wont go through and bounces back. It has been 3 weeks at this point, and so I decide to call Nicosia to speak to the manager to see if they have any update, and if not to cancel my order and get my money back. A woman answered saying she can't do anything and the only thing I could do is call Limassol, which I told her repeatedly I have tried for days and have had no response. I kept asking to speak to the manager, but instead would just tell me she can't help, can't help, can't help. I started to get very frustrated and told her I need to speak to the manager as I have spent 109 euros for a product I've been waiting for, for 3 weeks and had no apology, update, or any good customer service at all. She put me on hold mid-conversation, I waited a couple of minutes not knowing if anyone was returning, but luckily the manager answered. I explained everything that was going on, and once I had said everything, he claimed he couldn't hear because of connection issues, so to make it short, all I said was 'I have been waiting for a mattress for 3 weeks, do you know if it's coming or where it is?' and the MANAGER of Nicosia hung up on me. Instead of apoligising and giving me an explanation like a manager of a store should, he decided not to deal with a frustrated customer and hung up the phone after weeks of me trying to get in touch. I have tried calling, e-mailing, visiting the store, and I know nothing. Unfortunately it's come to me being an annoying customer exposing them on facebook which I never thought I would have to.. but I've been left with no options. By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

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