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Nastaran's complaint against Mothercare

Nastaran Motedaeiny


My order was forgoten then canceled so return my shipping cost refund

Complaint against Mothercare

i placed my order on end jun, after 3 weeks i start to emailing to find out why they didn't shipped yet so I've been told manufacturing didn't got my order because of system error, then they sent me 7 items out of 20. so i was keep chatting and emailing to see when i will get the rest and they were keep lying about estimate shipping time then receiving time and i was keep checking to make sure if my items are still available in desired sizes until after another 2 weeks they canceled half then after another week all items were canceled. so now i'm looking to get my international shipping cost back which is 33.95eul. if i knew i am going to pay this much for only 6 items which 2 of them are incomplete set and useless i never wouldn't order it in the first place. now they keep lying about their system is down for refund and they could call me because of my phone is not working that's why i have to call them and PAY for INTERNATIONAL CALL to get my own money back. so international call from US to UK is 1.69c which is I'll definitely will pay double the money to finish calling them so you think i am idiot to do so? also INSTEAD OF CALL they offered 30 dollars voucher for next purchase so lets do a math, i have to pay another 33.95eu for another international shipment to be able to use 3.95eu less than my original money!! is this a thief action not refund your customer money back. JUST REFUND MY OWN MONEY BACK TO MY CARD!

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