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Sonia's complaint against Mothercare

Sonia Petcu


They don’t care!

Complaint against Mothercare

Not long ago I’ve purchased an ICandy pushchair from Mothercare Wood Green branch. After using it for almost 5 months it developed 3 faults, therefore I’ve taken it back to store and it was sent to ICandy for inspection. The pushchair is double tandem( seats one in front of the other). The store offered me a replacement pushchair also a double one but with seats side to side. This wouldn’t fit trough my gate or trough my door, and it wasn’t suitable for newborns. The minimum recommended age for usage was 6months plus. So I couldn’t use it. Then they have offered a single pushchair, no newborn insert either, so i had to carry my newborn and let my 2 years old sit in there. I was forced to leave my ICandy there because of the seat adaptor. It was broken, i was holding it in place with 3 cable tires but was dangerous for my 2 year old son, as the seat could have collapsed at any time. Even the ICandy team said it was dangerous but had no other options. Now i find myself with 2 kids and one single pushchair. I need to know how am I supposed to carry my two kids for at least two weeks? Why aren’t the stores equipped with tandem pushchairs since Mothercare sell them??? Why is a mum forced and expected to carry her newborn in a swing? I have purchased the ICandy from Mothercare in good faith, knowing that if something will go wrong i would be taking care of. Everyone was so happy and eager to take almost £1000 from my pocket, but when asked how will i manage for two weeks at least, everyone just looks in the ground and said there’s nothing we can do. Who is in charge of authorising what pushchairs can be given as loan? Who let’s a mum with two kids struggling? Why wasn’t i told about this when I’ve purchased it? I was only told that if something happened within one year we will help you. Well something has happened and I really don’t feel helped at all. If my back will be bad after two weeks of carrying 7kg child, who will pay for my pain? Do i have to take mothercare to court or can someone authorise the use of tandem pushchairs as loan.

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