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Abigail's complaint against Belling

Abigail Hodson


Customer Service - non existent

Complaint against Belling

My parents ordered a Belling gas cooker which arrived at the end of November with a faulty part, a man came from Belling on the 30 November to look at the cooker and said the bezel on the gas ring switch was faulty and that the cooker could not be connected. He ordered a replacement. On the 13 December my Dad phoned Belling to ask where the replacement part was and after a lot of being put on hold they said they had re-ordered the parts. On the 19 December 2 switches arrived but no bezel. I phoned on the morning of 20 December to see why the incorrect parts had been sent, the person I spoke to said she would ring back, I phoned back at 4.30 to chase them up, the person I spoke to was quite rude and said it was nearly Christmas and there wasn't a lot they would be able to do as it was a skeleton staff. I phoned again on 21 December at lunchtime and was told that the replacement part had been despatched that morning. On 23 December a bezel arrived for the oven not the hob so I phoned again at 3pm on the 23 December, I asked to speak to a manager to be told it was a skeleton staff and there was only one manager on and they didn't know where he was. I told them I wanted to speak to a manager and they said he would ring me shortly. I phoned again at 3.40 to be told it had only been 40 minutes and it was nearly Christmas. A manager did ring me back shortly after that phone call and I had to go through the whole story again to be told they could have had the cooker connected up and the bezel was only cosmetic. I said it was a Belling person who had told my parents they couldn't use it and the manager said maybe it was because of their age (they're both in their 80s) In the end he said he would sort the correct part out after Christmas on a 24hr delivery. When the manager phoned on 28th December they said they were looking for. The correct part was despatched on 29th December and arrived on 30th December. In total to get the correct part it took 1 month which is totally unacceptable. The manager said he would ring back after New Year to check the correct part had been despatched and to sort a good will gesture. Needless to say I have not had any phone calls off Belling so basically the manager lied just to shut me up. Their customer service is horrendous and the staff are rude. Would never ever use them again.

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Marti Bardsley | | VERIFIED

I am having similar repair issues - wish I'd never bought a Belling oven! Waited 3 weeks for 1st repair, and still waiting for the second .... hope you managed to get some satisfaction ... wish I could reassure you that all will be well in the future, but Belling really are appalling :(
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