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Amy's complaint against Belling

Amy Duffy


Exploding oven door

Complaint against Belling

So I went to open my oven door on my electric Belling appliance last Monday to check my dinner and what happened next could have been detrimental to me had I not been quick to react. As I used the handle to open the oven door(as anyone would), the outer layer of glass combusted and what I can only describe as ‘exploded’ outwards across the kitchen. At first we thought it had been an explosion from the oven itself but that was still on! The door just spontaneously combusted. I have video evidence of the aftermath on my phone but I can’t upload it here for some reason? Still finding bits of glass in my wall and floor five days later. Normally I bend down to check the food as I open the oven but i was on speakerphone to my friend at the time and for some reason I stayed upright as I opened the oven. You can imagine what may have happened or where the glass could have landed had I been bent over. I love belling appliances but I am being told by family and friends and also salespeople in the local electrical appliance shop that this is NOT okay for an appliance to do, especially as it had been fully intact previous to this incident.

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