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Costas's complaint against Dyson

Costas Leonidou


Black Friday Price Promise

Complaint against Dyson

I would like to put in writing my complaint about Dyson's Black Friday price promise. On Black Friday morning (08:20am), like many consumers in the UK, visited Dyson's website and bought a Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Cylinder Vacuum. The price on the website was £299.99. However, in the afternoon the price on Dyson's website has dropped to £269.99 at 6:45pm (I took a photo to prove this). I quickly had a look at Dyson's "Black Friday Price Promise" and it clearly states "in addition and especially for Black Friday, from 16 November if the price of your Dyson product drops further on dyson.co.uk before 28 November, we’ll refund the difference. So you’re always guaranteed Dyson’s best price." I tried to contact Dyson's customer services on the same day but the line was very busy. I also so that Dyson guarantees the price drop before 28 November. To my surprise, when I tried to call on Sunday (two days after the purchase and within the offer period) the customer service assistant informed me that the price match cannot be honoured because the product's price went up again to the original £299.99! Though I explained the situation to the customer service assistant, there was no change in the original decision not to honour their promise. Had I known about this I would have cancelled my order on the spot and buy from cheaper websites to take advantage of the deal. I also would like to point that Dyson's website does not say anything about price drop and subsequent increase so this was misleading to me and probably to other customers. I am terribly disappointed with Dyson's customer services on this occasion as I feel that they failed to keep their promises. This is no way to treat their customers. Shame.

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