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Graham's complaint against Scotts of Stow

Graham Turner


Serious Design Faults with Automatic Soup Maker Ref 1883458

Complaint against Scotts of Stow

The original model of the above product was purchased from Scotts shop in Stow-on-the Wold in December 2015. On using the product several times to produce 'smooth' soup (without the filter) we found it was necessary to hold the lid down in order for the Soup Maker to complete the cycle; there was a serious risk of scalding since the food in the Maker was boiling hot, and steam escaped through the lid. In addition, after only a few uses, it became apparent that food was burning in the vicinity of the heating element which then became very difficult to clean. The liquid had been put into the soup maker first in accordance with the instructions. There was therefore a danger of burned food remaining on the heating element, and bacteria collecting. The unit was returned to the shop in April 2016 for a replacement thinking it was faulty, however, on first use of the replacement unit, we found that it had the same faults. We concluded that the problems we had encountered were due to serious design faults, however, knowing them, we resolved to continue using the unit, taking great care in cleaning the heating element after use. On attempting to use it again recently (we had only used it 2 or 3 times since April), we found that the display was showing Error Code E5 whatever programme was being used. On consulting the Instruction Manual, we found that Error Code E5 was not listed, so we contacted Scotts of Stow Customer Services, and were informed that Error Code E5 represents a fatal error, and we should return the unit for a full refund. The unit was packed and returned to Scotts of Stow on 9 November, with an accompanying letter detailing our concerns about the design of the unit. Until today (9 December), we have heard nothing from Scotts of Stow, either to acknowledge receipt of the faulty unit, or to provide us with a refund. Scotts of Stow Customer Services were eventually contacted after a 30 minute telephone call wait. Confirmation of the receipt of the unit was provided, and it was agreed that a full refund by cheque would be arranged. No mention was made of the design faults. We understand that there have been other serious complaints regarding Scotts of Stow Customer Services. We have resolved to never deal with Scotts of Stow again and we will mention our concerns to a wide circle of friends and relatives.

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dorothy cane | | VERIFIED

Iv'e got a soup maker which was working well untill last week when the E2 came up & nothing else would make it work, what do you sugest I do1? Dorothy

dorothy cane | | VERIFIED

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