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emanne's complaint against Yours Clothing

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Pretend they don't get returns even when hand delivered to them

Complaint against Yours Clothing

Here we go again. So much trouble and run around when I return an item to this company. Last time they said they didn't get it, wrote a review on here and they suddenly found it the next day. I didn't use them for ages but my daughter saw a dress and shoes on here for her formal so I grudgingly agreed to try them again. However, it didn't fit right. To avoid all the crap about returns I went through last time, I personally took the items to their Melbourne returns address in Keysborough ( address for Australian returns). I thought this time I won't get the run around about not receiving the item. What a shock, it was a pokey dirty little office in a factory industrial estate with a guy in it who uses the address o collect returns for his girlfriend who works at home. He takes them home other and she processes them. He took it and put it in his car which had other returns in it in yours clothing bags. Well what do you know? They said they ever received it Lmao and they keep sending me prewritten messages asking for the tracks Ng number, knowing I didn't post it but hand delivered it. They also keep asking for item details. Not one actual personal email, just form letters. So now after several emails, I'm coming back on here to see if I can get a real response and my money back. That's it yours clothing. I don't care if you are the last clothing store in the world. I will NEVER EVER EVER use you again. Anne

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