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Maddy's complaint against John Lewis

Maddy Russell


Dreadful customer service

Complaint against John Lewis

Great when they take your money in the shops and on-line, but the moment you have a problem, they simply don’t care. Bought a brand new Miele Fridge Freezer for £770.00, paid extra for next day delivery, took a half day’s unpaid leave to wait for the delivery, the unit arrived, was told not to switch it on for 6 hours so was not able to check the unit was OK before the delivery driver left. The unit simply did not work from day one, the digital just went blank and it never cooled either the fridge or freezer. Reported the fault the next morning and was told by their technical services department that they would not be able to help until I gave them the serial number. Explained I was at work and they said without that they could do nothing to help, asked to speak to the manager and it was the same story. I left work finally found the serial number (not on the door, or on the back wall of the freezer section but on the wall of the fridge underneath the cold draw)- how would they have expected an elderly person to jump through all these hoops I don’t know! They told me that I would have to wait another 6 days before they could deliver a replacement and pick up the faulty unit - I explained that to expect me to wait another 6 days for an essential item such as a Fridge Freezer was unacceptable and they basically said tough thats all they could do or I could cancel the order. I cancelled the order, was told I would have to wait 5 to 7 days after they had collected the faulty unit to get my money back - strange as they took it out within hours of me buying the fridge freezer! This means I would have to wait nearly 2 weeks to get money back in my account, crazy! Incidentally , I called John Lewis Ipswich and surprise surprise, if I bought a new one that could be done on next day delivery! I subsequently bought a replacement from another high street retailer, not only were they cheaper but gave me a one hour delivery slot the night before and were able to deliver on within 3 days Lesson learnt, John Lewis are inflexible when it comes to helping their customers and have a very poor attitude to helping customers after sales. I would usually spend around £2500 each year with them, however going forwards I will never shop with them again or recommend them to anyone. Customer service is all about going outside of normal terms of business to resolve problems, its what the retailer does when there is a problem that defines how good they are.

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