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Rick's complaint against John Lewis

Rick Davis


John Lewis 'physically' cannot transport a laptop between stores!

Complaint against John Lewis

Anyone else noticed the deterioration in John Lewis customer service? I've just spend £1000 on a macbook from them It started up fine so I registered in to my mac account. And then it couldn't find it's hard drive. Initially JL told me to take it into store to get a replacement. I called the store but they didn't have any in stock. The only one they had was in Oxford Street (I live on the east coast) So I called Customer Service. After talking to Gerrard, Steven and Josh I eventually asked to speak to a manager. Someone called Owen. He reaffirmed the only replacement available was in the Oxford Street store and suggested I go there to exchange the faulty macbook! At my expense. I asked why they couldn't send the one on Oxford Street to my local store in Kent. Owen's answer: "They physically couldn't move a product from one store to another store!!!' I'll repeat that statement. John Lewis cannot 'physically move a product from one store to another store'. Consequently after much haggling- and a very intransigent Owen (bless him, it's not his fault, it's John Lewis' policy or internal administration or something - not 'cost' or 'distance' he assured me) I was forced to accept a refund. I spent an entire Saturday afternoon being passed between these people - all of whom were unable to effect a reasonable solution because they didn't have the authority to do anything for the customer. So, I'd suggest before you place any sort of order for electricals or technology with John Lewis you check out all the alternatives first. Truly appalling Customer Service is what happens when you get to be No.1. I think it's called complacency.

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