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Poor quality Hotpoint oven & John Lewis expect my grandad to be out of pocket.

Complaint against John Lewis

On the 1st January 2016 my granddad purchased a new oven from John Lewis after his old one of 13 years finally gave up. Although he had experienced problems with John Lewis in the past when buying white goods, they have rectified those issues in the end & the 2 year guarantee they give is extra piece of mind. To be honest, as soon as we started to use it we noticed faults & issues & it wasn't until recently when the writing indicating what hob ring is on rubbed off & one of the hob knobs (no pun intended) came off in my hand. I say "myself" & "us" as my granddad doesn't actually do any cooking. He's 80 years old & has quite serious mobility & health issues so all of his cooking is done by his daughter & myself, his grandson who has been e-mailing John Lewis on his behalf. When we first started using the oven, we foumd straight away that food was taking a lot longer to cook than in our previous oven & we would either have to put it on a higher temperature or in most cases, put it in for longer which is ridiculous as its supposed to be a fan oven, there for its supposed to reduce cooking time & save money on electric, not the opposite. We was having the same problems with the hob as well in terms of having to either cook items for longer or have it on a higher heat. Also, the way the grill is designed means means not only are unable to alter the height but the tray which is used for oven & grill literally grinds on the metal pieces & you have to make sure it's on both sides. You also have to have the grill on maximum when just toasting bread which is all its good for because you can't put anything else in to grill because it won't fit when on the tray. Finally the description states it's easy to clean which it simply isn't. You have to literally lie on the kitchen floor to clean all sides & even when using wire wool & a cleaning paste, this doesnt work. You obviously can't rub too hard as you will remove the coating of the oven. The last straw came when as I've stated, the writing indicating which ring was on rubbed off while cleaning & one of the knobs came off in my hand & I was unable to reattach it as the clip inside had broken. This would be unacceptable for any person but with everything taken into consideration how would they expect my granddad to deal with it if he lived on his own. He certainly couldn't clean it but what's not worth thinking about is if the writing has come off the oven & he didn't know which ring was on, he could easily place his hand on the oven without noticing & seriously injure himself. To add insult to the matter, I have stated all this in emails & telephone calls to John Lewis & after going back & forth & having an engineer come out to inspect the oven, their conclusion is that there is nothing actually wrong with the oven because it works. I argued the fact of the practicality & day to day usage & even the engineer said the issue of the writing coming off wouldn't of happened going back because it was printed into the oven & a piece of material was placed over it so this wouldn't rub off. But he also said you shouldn't keep thinking back to old items & how long they lasted but as I stated to John Lewis, whether it be a new cooker, tv etc or even a car, as time goes on, technology is improving all the time & there for you expect better from new items but what's alarming is someone in a local electrical shop stated that items are not made to last like they used to be & many manufacturers use parts which are only meant to last a few years. That makes fantastic business sense but how's that fair on the consumer but also on the environment when sometimes time's it's cheaper to replace the whole product than repair it with the old one going into land fill? Again, I have stated all this to John Lewis & their final offer was £250 towards the cost of a new oven because they said & in their own words " We have to consider the use that has already been had out of the item, and the fact that we have had an engineer confirm that the item is working to its full specification. Our normal returns period is 90 days and therefore as this is now out of this time period we would not be able to return an item because of not liking the functionality" The issues I have highlighted being classed as "not liking the functionality" is simply an insult & so is their offer because the next suitable oven available on their site is £100 more than that so by time we have paid that, delivery, disposal of "old" unit & paid for someone to connect it, that's nearly £200 we would have to pay so how's that acceptable, especially when you can get cheaper ovens for that price from elsewhere in the first place. In the last 2 years or so my granddad has spent nearly £1000 with John Lewis on white goods & as stated at the beginning, has had issues with all of them for varying reasons whether it be a 2 week delay in delivery of a freezer, a smelly washing machine or this with an oven. When buying brands such as Hotpoint & Zanussi, you expect decent levels of quality & satisfaction & this certainly hasn't been the case.

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