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Mrs. Maureen's complaint against Marks & Spencer

Mrs. Maureen Gander


Was told an item was in store and it wasn't...

Complaint against Marks \u0026 Spencer

Rang the Shoreham store regarding a blouse to be told they had it in Ecru, size 12 & 14. I drove to the store & they hadn't got Ecru. The woman helping us wasn't very proficient but eventually said she would check if any other store had it, she said yes Horsham has it in 14 and she said she would ring but no one could find the store number, I had to look it up on my phone!!! When she rang they said no, they hadn't got it. I then said you told me not 5 minutes before they had got one. She said it's the system. I wasted petrol and 50 minutes of my time in store and 30 minutes travelling to Shoreham to be treated by a team of imbeciles. As you can gather I am very angry. I have shopped at Marks & Spencer for many years and also had a store card for many years but I can guarantee I WILL not be going back again unless this matter can be resolved.

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