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Andy's complaint against Shpock

Andy J


[RESPONDED] Terrible Service

Complaint against Shpock

I had a few koi to sell on and having been in the hobby for a number of years, am aware of the information someone would want when buying a fish and how to take a proper photograph - well according to Shpock this makes me a professional and thus gives them grounds for restricting my account! After calling them I informed one person that I am not a business nor a professional and was advised I could list between 5-10 at any one time, duly noted and this I complied with! Few days later, account is restricted 'again' and I was contacted via email from two different people! Annoying! Few days later - guess what - accounts restricted 'again' and I didn't even list anything. I was editing old adverts which they reactivated!!! Been restricted now for 4x or 5x days and I've had one or two emails from someone new who isn't aware I've been in contact with numerous other colleagues. I did quite like Shpock but the service is terrible & communication is poor. Not very happy at all.

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Shpock Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Andy, We are terribly sorry for this misunderstanding but selling animals/pets in large quantity is not allowed on Shpock. As stated in our FAQs, "your main intention must be to find a loving and caring new home for your pet – not to make a profit!". Kind Regards, Your Shpock Team


The fish I sell are from my private collection & koi come in many different varieties. Anyone with a pond will confirm this and not many people have the same variety of koi in their ponds. I have been critisied for the way I have taken photos as being professional, yet other adverts on your site the fish are out of water laying on the grass with a measuring tape next to them!!!
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