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Pete's complaint against Shpock

Pete Tabbinor


[LAPSED] Restricted account

Complaint against Shpock

I tried asking a question on shpock only to receive a pop up telling me that my account had been restricted for one of a number of reasons (automated reply) I replied to said message asking for proof, ie a copy of the offending message/messages but after numerous requests all I get is an automated reply asking me to verify that I have read the sites t+c’s and my r striction will be lifted, I am not aware of any unauthorised messages sent by me and as such will not act as the guilty party just on their way so and with not a scrap of evidence to support their claim. If I am in the wrong then I will admit it, but when I’m not and shpock have shown nothing to suggest otherwise then I will not do as they ask without being shown their ‘proof’ I want proper discussion and not numerous automated responses. This attitude solves nothing, it only gives the people responsible for making such complaints the power. Innocent until proved guilty? Shpock seem to have reversed this and take the stance that you’re guilty until proved innocent but leave you no avenue to prove your innocence.

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Lapsed. Pete has not responded in 90 days

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Shpock Team | | VERIFIED

HI Pete, We are sorry to hear this. Can you please direct message Shpock on one of our social media channels with your email address and we can look into this. Kind Regards Your Shpock Team
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