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Caroline's complaint against Shpock

Caroline Racher



Complaint against Shpock

I HAVE BEEN USING SPHOCK FOR SOMETIME AND I HAVE EXCELLENT SELLER REVIEWS ... I AM AN HONEST LAW ABIDING CITIZEN AND I AM CURRENTLY TERMINALLY ILL SO THIS HAS BEEN A GREAT DISTRACTION FOR ME EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE MANY TIME WASTERS AND NOT VERY NICE PEOPLE ON THERE TOO. This morning I wake up to my account had been restricted and to send my email address which I do which is followed by an email response from sphock saying my account is blocked for ever and do not use it ever again, I called customer services who told me they could not give me any information as to why , the customer services rep was half asleep very rude and hung up on me twice whilst I tried my hardest to understand what it is exactly what I had done wrong ... the most information I could get was that I had another account on there which is completely false and not true and if there is then somebody else may be possibly hurting me and I was very concerned and told them this ... clearly any information they have is not correct or totally false ... I told them how worried I was and how this was affecting me and it made no difference ... I tried again later to get the same response .. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told I would get the same response ... I asked to speak to security and was told they wouldn’t speak to me ... I’ve made a complaint on email as I’m so worried as to what has happened it is making me physically sick because of my illness ...I cannot think why this is other than a jealous person has reported something false as I have heard this has happened to other people ... in any case whatever it is I know I have done nothing wrong to my knowledge or I have been scammed or frauded in some way so I sit here in fear and anticipation with unfinished transactions on sphock ... this is my account and my life and my family yet not one person from sphock will provide me with one bit of information to even try and put whatever it is right ... it appears I am guilty of something in their mind that I have no knowledge of ... surely you cannot have an account be blocked and told never to use it again and never be told the reason why or be given the chance to give your side of the story or an explanation to incorrect information they have ... I can honestly say this has distressed me terribly and I don’t know where to turn next ... if for one minute I thought I had done anything wrong I would not be making this fuss ... please can somebody advise so I can settle with what ever time I have left With many thanks

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Shpock failed to resolve this complaint

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Caroline Racher | | VERIFIED

This is a great website although I didn’t get any reponse from any complaints I made I have finally managed to resolve this matter with numerous more phone calls and a lot more stress ... I am happy with the opportunity to have such places as a spokesman said to turn to however I am not happy with how I was treated by sphock and it has left me worried for the future and worried others may suffer the same ... thank you for your attempts in resolving this
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