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Tamara's complaint against Shpock

Tamara Yoel


[LAPSED] Account restricted for no reason

Complaint against Shpock

Today morning when trying to edit one of my listings I realised my account has been restricted. No reason given. No explanation why. on my Shpock I sell my clothes which I used , a few accessories of mine which I don't use anymore and my baby's clothes and toys which are not wanted anymore!!!!!!! I had no disputes with anyone , I have 5 star reviews and as far as I'm aware of I have not violated any terms and conditions. Then suddenly out of nowhere Shoock decided to restrict my account. What a shame on Shpock. There are people on this app who try to scam and fraud and steal your things - as happened with me couple of times before but to a normal person like me selling used clothes of mine and of my baby to get a bit of cash they restrict the account. The reason??

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Lapsed. Tamara has not responded in 90 days

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Shpock Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Tamara, we are sorry to hear about this. Please contact us via email ([email protected]) to know how to have your account active again. Best, your Shpock team

Tamara Yoel | | VERIFIED

Are you joking me? I've been contacting you every day for 5 days now and you didn't even reply to me with the reason why you restricted my account. I've got 71 items active selling, I have questions and offers to answer to, I have 5 star reviews and you restrict my account for what reason?! And now you come out saying here that I have to contact you. I already did !!!

Tamara Yoel | | VERIFIED

And by the way, as of Monday it was supposed to be 3 business day for you to get back to me "to help me". It's now 5 business days. No sign of any contact from you in my email.

Tamara Yoel | | VERIFIED

Absolutely outrageous service

Shpock Team | | VERIFIED

Hi Tamara. Has this issue been resolved? If not, please contact us via direct message on one of our social media channels. Kind Regards Your Shpock Team
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