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Stephanie's complaint against Shpock

Stephanie Ashton


Been restricted and banned permanently for no reason

Complaint against Shpock

About a week ago my sphock stopped working properly, had no email or anything, I could go onto my sphock, post new items, comment on people's posts and make offers but noone could see my posts, offers or comments or my sphock profile, so I have emailed sphock over the last week and only just heard back from them today saying I have been restricted and banned permanently... I have never sold anything out of sphocks rules, never been out of line with anyone, I have over 230 5 star reviews, never gone against sphocks policy by any means, I have had my account for years, I want an explanation not an email saying that sphock are no longer going to discuss the matter and would like my account reactivated, thanks

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