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Lucy's complaint against Shpock

Lucy Siker


Buyer Has Tried To Claim Back Money She Authorised For My Item, & Is Also Trying To KEEP My Item!

Complaint against Shpock

Being new to shpock I didn't know what to expect, but at first I found it to be a much simpler arrangement than other selling websites I have used. I liked the idea that you weren't being charged for all different things just to sell your item and that you kept all the profit you made. I also found the idea that you can both collect the item or posted if you wished a great way to do business. However problems started to appear when I found that some people were being difficult about postage and packaging. I found a lot of the time that people wanted my item, but they offered lower than I asked for (which is sometimes fine, haggling is a part of this experience). Then when it came time to talk about whether it would be collected or posted, most asked for postage, but when I told them that it would be £3 extra then to cover this. I then got a lot of cancelled negotiations.....people were expecting to get my item for a lot cheaper than I would accept, and then want me to PAY for p&p. In what way does that make sense? How was I supposed to make money off that item if I were to accept a lower price and then also pay for that! I found it infuriating, so I then made it clear in my descriptions that if it was to be posted, it would be £3 and that was included in the overall price, i.e I put the p&p in the price shown. If you were to collect, then the £3 would obviously be deducted. I sold a few little items after this and was pleased with the transactions. Then came the user I am complaining about. She wanted a particular jumper of mine and asked if she could split the payments: she would pay half that day and half in 2 days time. She asked for the delivery to not be a "signed for" one as she worked and it would be easier to have it simply posted through her letterbox. So, after confirming the offer on both sides, and therefore entering into the "legal" contract that shpock tells us it is, she authorised the 2 payments and asked me to confirm I had received them via PayPal. As soon as the money was in my account she asked me to review her there and then, normally I wait until the buyer has received the item and then I would review, but this woman had been so friendly and we had talked for hours and I had received the money when she said I would get it, that I just gave her her review, putting my trust in her. A few days later she actually messaged me to confirm I HAD posted the item out as she was hoping for it to get to her by a certain day. I assured her I had sent it and the next day she messaged to CONFIRM she had received the item and loved it (she even went as far as to say she was wearing it as we were talking). So she was happy and I was and she made a comment about how we would hopefully keep in touch. 2 weeks go by and I had thought nothing was wrong, until I get all kinds of messages from PayPal to say that my account was under investigation as "I had accepted 2 payments that a person was claiming hadn't been authorised" was the buyer! She went to her bank and PayPal to claim she didn't know what these payments were for, that she hadnt authorised them, and how I had somehow got her information and taken money from her. I have had to fight to stop my PayPal account being cancelled or suspended indefinitely, I was fined FOUR times for "using or cloning someone's details without their permission" SHE CLAIMED I HAD STOLEN OR SCAMMED HER! I tried to contact her and ask why she was doing this, I BEGGED her to stop because I was losing all kinds of money and after all it was her that was lying about these actions. She knew what could happen if you knowingly report someone for the actions I had supposedly taken, and she did it anyway. I have had to try to prove to PayPal the 2 payments were authorised, and that she was the liar. I told them what had happened, how I had sold her an its on shpock, how she had asked to split the payments into 2 how there was a note attached to the second payment on PayPal itself thanking me. I told them they could confirm all this with shpock. THIS IS WERE I CONTACTED SHPOCK WITH THIS WRONG DOING. I emailed and phoned them pleading and begging them to contact the user and get her to actually pay for the item, I asked them to remind her that it was a legally binding contract and that she had broken it. I BEGGED AND CRIED asking shpock to forward the messages between me and this buyer to proof my case. I also asked if they could write a simple note in the forwarded emails to confirm that as a website, these messages were authentic and that the buyer had broken a contract and tried to commit fraud by claiming anything different, Shpock refused to get involved. They wouldn't help with my case with PayPal, they wouldn't confirm I was telling the truth......all they did was send the buyer TWO little messages asking her to please GET IN CONTACT WITH ME! They didn't even warn her to pay for the item or return it swiftly until I made a massive complaint on the phone. They restricted her account TEMPORARILY and even had the cheek to ask me to hold off going to the police, as "THE USER IN QUESTION DOES HAVE SOME GOOD REVIEWS". I was disgusted and mortified that a company would say something as ridiculous as that. As I pointed out, she asks for a review as soon as she first sends her money, and that she wasn't even bothering to respond to SHPOCK themselves! I also pointed out that I also had some good reviews and that they don't mean anything when I was reporting something so major. I have given the site her user name but also the name she claims is actually hers.....she operates under a completely different name to her own. I have tried to prove to PayPal that when asking for the item to be delivered she gave me her true name and address and that they matched the records they had for the user. I am still fighting with PayPal and the banks to stop this action. I have also reported the user to the police for attempting to commit fraud. What so frustrates me is that shpock have done NOTHING. They have sent two messages and that's it, they have seen proof she is trying to commit fraud VIA THEIR WEBSITE and yet they won't cancel her subscription. As a site in the rules it states if you break the "legally binding" contract, action will be taken, well what action? How have they helped me? How have they as a site, knowing I am innocent, protected me? They say they can't report a user to the police but in their terms and conditions they state VERY CLEARLY that when buying on shpock you have plenty of opportunities to back out of an offer until both parties have accepted and confirmed it is then a contract. This is their own language! So how can they NOT get involved when someone is breaking that contract, and worse, trying to commit fraud? They stand back and do nothing. As I have said I have reported this to the police, but I don't know whether I will get my money back and I don't know how in the long run this will effect my credit, my access to PayPal or how long it will take to exonerate me. In the mean time, that disgusting human being has my jumper, has taken the money back, has ruined my PayPal account and I keep getting fined......I am in fact nearly into the -£70 and the fines keep coming. I wanted shpock to have taken more action, I wanted them to have demanded she pay me or give me my item back, or they would cancel her account, block any attempt for her to get back on under a different name (they ask for all your information, so keeping track of a red flagged account and details should be easy enough). They should be reporting people to the action fraud department if someone breaks THE LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT AND REFUSES TO AMEND THE PROBLEM, even AFTER they send a message to the perpetrator, even after supposed warnings from the other party or shpock themselves. And they certainly should be sending more than one messages of warning that action will be taken if they refuse to comply with their rules. And most definitely, SHPOCK should be following through with their warnings of action taken. It's not good enough and now I can't trust the site at the moment and I really am considering taking my business elsewhere......who wants to deal with a company that refuses to stand behind you when a buyer (or seller is some peoples case) is not only in the wrong, but technically committing a crime on their website! To claim someone has taken money from you without your permission or that they've accessed your bank information and taken money from your account, when you know this isn't the case AT ALL, is fraud, To claim all this knowing you actually entered into a contract to buy an item from someone, take that item then do this IS FRAUD, Honestly the problems that have happened since this user has dome this to me has made me so ill and so down I've had to seek medical attention. How can a company stand by knowing all this, and still REFUSE to help you win your case? Is it a company that you can trust? Serious doubts are stuck with me now and shpock have done nothing to ease the problems for me, they've just made things worse........

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